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Our mission at The Holistic Canine is to provide high-quality education, products, and coursework, to assist dog lovers with utilizing a holistic/homeopathic approach to health.

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The Holistic Canine Blog is an award-winning blog which discusses all-things natural. It is a must-read for any prospective or current dog parent. Read as we discuss news, holistic healing stories, canine cancer methods, holistic diets, and more!

Natural Products

Pure, holistic products are hard to find. There are many that claim to be “good” for your dog, but beneath the pretty label there may be hidden toxins. That’s why we have done the research for you. The products found within our site have been heavily researched to ensure you are purchasing high-quality, top shelf products.

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As dog lovers, we know how mind-blowing it is to switch from a traditional to holistic lifestyle. There is a lot information to absorb and learn. That’s why we are providing access to The Holistic Canine free-of-charge. Feel free to go back, search, and learn as you undertake your holistic journey. 

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You can sigh in relief if you have been searching for an organization fully dedicated to natural living. You’ve found it! Please let us know if you have any questions via the ‘Contact Us’ page. We’re here for you!




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Amber L. Drake, is a renowned Canine Behaviorist, Holistic Cancer Coach, and Educator. She has been featured in numerous publications including magazines, newsletters, newspaper articles, websites, bookstores and many other organizations. Amber L. Drake has a doctorate-level education and a wealth of experience to provide all of the services you're looking for.

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